‘No Politics’ Public School In Colorado Sees Huge Growth In Just One Year

Published 05/02/2022 0 minute read

It seems a lifetime ago when The Federalist introduced you to Merit Academy in Woodland Park, Colorado. It’s a no-politics public school designed and overseen by local parents, opened in just one year of intense planning and work.

These past seven months have seen this public contract school grow and flourish, despite many challenges. Merit Academy has seen a huge increase in enrollment, with more parents seeking out this innovative new model of education. The school has even managed to keep up with the rapid growth of the area, with plenty of room to grow.

The school has faced some challenges, however. Merit Academy has had to deal with a high number of transfers and a lack of experienced teachers. These challenges are being overcome, however, and the school is already beginning to see the benefits of its innovative approach. Merit Academy is changing the way children learn, and its success is proof that there is still hope for public education.

Source: https://thefederalist.com/2022/05/02/no-politics-public-school-in-colorado-sees-huge-growth-in-just-one-year/

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